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Iron Goddess of Mercy

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Iron Goddess of Mercy – Oolong Tea

Iron Goddess of Mercy

China ~ Superior ~ Caffeinated

This famous oolong traditionally known as Ti Quan Yin. A wonderfully complex oolong at a medium oxidation level and golden amber color.




Brewing Instruction

Water Temperature: 190°F

Serving: 2.5 Teaspoon per 10 ounce of hot water

1.    Place tea leaves in a tea pot.
2.    Pour hot water into the tea pot.
3.    Steep for 3 min.


We are traveling to the Fujian Province of China, where the Iron Goddess of mercy comes from. This tea is also known as ti kwan yin. Legend has it that a poor farmer was care taking a temple which held an iron statue of Guanyin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. This poor farmer did all he could to maintain the temple, the cleaned, repaired as much as he could. The Goddess seeing his devotion and his willingness to give what he had for the temple came to him in a dream. She told him there was a gift behind the temple and he should share with all his neighbors. 

 The next morning he searched and searched for for her gift, and he found a single tea plant. He grew this tea to become a great field field of plants. The tea was fragrant, sweet, and slightly fruity. This tea became known as some of the best tea in China. 

Iron Goddess of Mercy is know as an anxi oolong. These oolongs have a shorter fermentation that other oolongs, this makes the leafs much greener. Sometimes these will be referred to as green oolongs. Iron Goddess of Mercy in particular, is said to help with the digestion of greasy foods. Drinking oolong with your meal has shown it to help lessen the absorption of fat into the body. It helps to alkalize the digestive tract. It has mild antiseptic properties and can help clear out bacteria from your digestive system. It has also been shown to reduce the blood glucose levels.

Iron Goddess of Mercy tea is a half fermented tea. This means that they are in-between a black tea and a green tea. When brewing Iron Goddess of Mercy you want the temperature to be just under boiling, at about 180-190°F. Use about 1 tsp to 8 oz of water. Iron Goddess of Mercy has the full leaf is hand rolled which means the leafs expand quite large. Allow the leafs to brew for 3-4 minutes. Iron Goddess of Mercy leafs can be infused several times. You will notice the taste changes with each infusion. You can use hotter water for a shorter amount of time with the 2nd and 3rd infusions.

A great recipe for your party tonight is Iron Goddess Of St. Germain Cocktail. For this cocktail you will need to infuse your vodka with Iron Goddess of Mercy.

Iron Goddess Of Mercy infused vodka:
2 cups Vodka
2 tbsp Iron Goddess of Mercy Leaves
2 Mason jars

Put the Vodka and leaves in mason jar. Shake the jar and let the oolong soak in the vodka for 2 hours. Shaking the jar every once in a while. Strain the vodka into the other jar.

Iron Goddess of St. Germain Cocktail
2 oz Iron Goddess of Mercy Vodka
1 oz St Germain
1/3 oz lime juice

Shake with ice and serve with a slice of lime


Every Tea has it’s benefits. Iron Goddess of Mercy certainly has quite a few. This popular Chinese tea Is said to help weight loss, remove free r

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  1. A most excellent tea!

    Posted by angella on 14th Sep 2014

    Prompt shippinh, fabulous Customer service. Will purchase again!

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